COVID-19 has reformed our way of life, the virtuality model can impact now bigger audiences. In this regard, it is essential to recognize e-commerce trends. And apply them to generate better results after the pandemic. Here, we will introduce to you eCommerce trends to consider after this crisis. 

The pandemic caused by the coronavirus has accelerated the adoption of e-commerces by up to two years, as this Forbes article describes. It shows us that more and more businesses will become an online sales platform, much earlier than expected.

Interactive Virtual Stores

Within Content Marketing, there is a type of material that generates more public engagement than any other. That is interactive content. It gives the user the possibility to participate in the content actively and discover relevant information. Interactive virtual stores are part of the eCommerce trends to consider if you own an online business. The reason behind it is because it allows the potential customer to have a real and tangible exchange of actions and responses. Virtual reality has allowed companies to create interactive experiences with users. For example, in the fashion and sports industry.

An example of these is virtual changing rooms. It uses VR (Virtual Reality) to allow people to know how they would look with clothes from the catalog without the need to go to the physical store.

Voice Search

More and more people have a virtual assistant in their homes, such as Google Assistant or Alexa. In this sense, an interactive voice search is one of the eCommerce trends to consider in 2021.  According to VoiceBoi, by 2025, 75% of households are expected to have it in the United States. Besides it, there’s an excellent opportunity for eCommerce to work with these technologies, for example, to appear within this type of search.

For example, it is possible that users order a pizza by voice and these assistants place their orders directly from the stores, which represents a business opportunity for those who manage to position themselves within this technology.

Artificial Intelligence And Big Data

Artificial Intelligence is already part of many twists, for example, scientific research. But this has been gradually incorporated into commerce fields due to its ability to identify patterns of behavior.

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