The shopping experience is the set of all the customers’ perceptions while buying a product or service online. Even what they feel after closing the transaction. Creating an online sales channel or promoting an existing one includes providing a memorable shopping experience

Today, online sales are growing steadily. Therefore, it is clear that there is an opportunity for brands to succeed in this channel. What is more difficult is making the digital sales channel profitable since there is a lot of competition and an increasingly demanding consumer. In this post, we tell you how to sell online successfully while creating a memorable shopping experience. Keep reading.

1. Your Product Presentation Should Look Modern And Attractive

Show your product through amazing good quality pictures. Detail its characteristics and highlighting its benefits. The better the presentation of the product sheets, the more likely it is to get the sale. Likewise, provide as much information as possible, the best images, useful advice, etc. In this way, providing complete information is essential to engage customers. In fact, many of the complaints in online stores are closely related to a lack of information.

2. Produce Interactive Pages

If we talk about resources to create a robust shopping experience, you should know the interactive pages. Interactive pages use specific content that requires the user to do something: clicking, filling out a form, answering some questions, etc. Also, If you provide it, you’re already creating a memorable shopping experience.

Following, some examples of interactive content that you can include on your page are solution seekers, interactive calculators, assessment tools, etc. The capacity of these contents to generate engagement in users and, above all, produce data of interest is high. Lastly, good reviews will enhance your business reputation, organically. 

3. Offer Multiple Payment And Contracting Options

Virtual stores have the particularity to allowing you to reach heterogeneous audiences located anywhere in your operation area. In other words, you can serve customers with different payment habits. For example, if you can pay with cash in physical stores, with a debit or credit card, or with coupons. The options are expanded with e-commerce platforms.

Likewise, you often see electronic commerce allows you to introduce new payment methods. Such as financial devices such as Stripe, PayU or Paypal, freemium business models, one-click payment systems, free demos, payments on delivery, among others.

4. Share Attractive Success Stories

A crucial aspect of gaining the trust of potential customers and boosting their purchase decision is to share attractive success stories. By sharing them, you’re already creating a memorable shopping experience. People like to know the cases of other people/companies that have solved their problems or have been satisfied after purchasing your product. It is the same as receiving a vote of confidence that endorses the customer experience that these people and organizations have had. It implies that you can help new clients’ problems just as you have solved others’ issues.

Make a count of the results that some of your customers have had after buying your product. Choose the best cases and dedicate a section of your website to tell their story. It will surely help potential clients to eliminate traces of doubt.

5. Create A Blog To Connect With Your Audience

Among all the content channels that exist, the blog is one of the most efficient. Considering other social networks, blogging is a key factor in any business, offline, or online.

Through the blog, you can frequently share educational, informative, and promotional content, which will increase your brand’s visibility, build a relationship of trust with your users, and reduce uncertainty about the purchase.

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Published On: April 25th, 2021 / Categories: E-Commerce, Marketing Strategy /